The PerfectSit® is an orthotic
training device meant to put you
in an optimal sitting position

The PerfectSit® trains your brain to be conscious of your sitting posture as well as training your body's muscle memory and core structure to maintain excellent sitting alignment.

“sit better…feel better”

• Good posture can have a dramatic effect on your health and the way you look and feel

• Training & maintaining good posture helps you strengthen your back and abs

• Good posture has a positive effect on your breathing, air intake, and circulation

• Good posture reduces unnecessary strain in your back and neck caused by slouching

• Good posture helps keep your body in good alignment

• Good posture makes you look and feel great and has a positive impact on your psychology

• Good posture makes you appear taller, confident and more assertive


Shipping available only within
the Continental U.S.

Proudly Manufactured in the United States

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